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Island Electronics (Security & Monitoring) Ltd
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Commercial Security

Video Verified Alarm Response

IES Takes Traditional Camera Surveillance to the Next Level

Island Electronics (Security & Monitoring) Ltd provides video verification of crimes in progress to our Central Monitoring Station, allowing for immediate dispatch of either the Police, or our Emergency Response Team.

Video Camera

How it Works

First, our motion sensors are installed. Installation is easy and flexible because the system is wireless. Next, when a motion sensor is tripped, the cameras film a 10-second video clip which is then sent directly to our Central Monitoring Station. Then, the monitoring agent determines if there is an actual intruder and dispatches the authorities immediately. If the alarm is false, or a non-event, authorities will not be notified, saving you the potential charges for false alarms.

  • Verification of a crime in progress elevates the priority of the alarm and expedites police response.
  • With us, the arrest rate is thousands of times higher than with traditional alarm systems.

Business Security System Monitoring

Island Electronics (Security & Monitoring) Ltd stands out from other companies because of what we offer in addition to home security technology: reputable service and reliability. That’s why over 1200 of Cayman residents and businesses have chosen us!

Central Monitoring Station
Central Monitoring Station

Our Central Monitoring Station is staffed 24/7/365 with well-trained Central Station Agents who take your alarm system to the next level with their service. For our clients, Central Station Agents provide the invaluable service of saving time and money on false alarms, while making sure the appropriate authorities are dispatched to your business site urgently when there is a security concern.

CSAA Five Diamond Certified

The CSAA Five Diamond Central Station designation is granted to those Central Stations who satisfy all the requirements of the Five Points of Excellence:


  1. Pass random inspections and quality criteria standards by an internationally recognized third-party laboratory;
  2. Maintain the highest levels of customer service;
  3. Fulfill ongoing education and testing - 100% of Central Station operators must be CSAA certified;
  4. Commit to raising industry standards through CSAA membership and activity participation;
  5. Take every necessary precaution to and being proactive in reducing false alarm dispatches.
Fully Operational Redundant Monitoring Station

In addition to our backup generators, we also have fully-operational, redundant monitoring systems at our main site, in case of natural disasters or other any catastrophic events. Within seconds, our redundant systems can be up and running without skipping a beat.

Video Fied
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