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Central Monitoring

Central Monitoring

Our Central Monitoring Station

A Central Monitoring Station, or alarm monitoring center, provides services to monitor burglar, fire and residential alarm systems. The central-station may also provide watchman and supervisory services.

Central-stations use special telephone lines, computers, software and trained staff to monitor their customers' security systems and call the appropriate authorities in the event an alarm signal is received. Typically, there is a fee for services rendered. Because quality and experience can vary greatly among alarm companies, prospective customers are well advised to do their own research before making a final choice. Not all alarm companies monitor the systems they install and may outsource these services to another company, or operate them overseas in countries that have cheaper labour rates than found in the Cayman Islands.

When it comes to protecting your home and the people you love, you don’t want to cut corners. You want to feel confident that your home security company is an expert in the industry. With so many break-ins taking place, time is of the essence when it comes to your Security Provider's response time.

Here at Island Electronics (Security & Monitoring) Ltd, Our Central Monitoring Station is physically located on island and is certified as a Five Diamond Central Station by the Central Station Alarm Association ("CSAA"). We provide monitoring services for your home or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition to our basic monitoring services, which typically start at CI$600 per year for residences, and CI$1,200 per year for businesses, we also offer Emergency Response Team Services. For an additional CI$15 per month, we will dispatch a member of our Response Team to secure your premises in the event there is an incident at your home or business.

We also offer flexible payment plans for our Monitoring Services. You have the option of paying monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. All services are billed in advance and are payable within 15 days after the due date.

Here are some other interesting facts about our Company and our Employees:

Island Electronics (Security & Monitoring) Ltd. stands out from other companies because of what we offer, in addition to home security technology. That is: Reputable service and reliability. That’s why over 1200 residential and commercial clients in Cayman have chosen us!

  • We are a family-owned business  that has been in business since 1986 - more than 25 years.  We take our customer’s satisfaction and our reputation personally.
  • We offer a 24-Hour Emergency Response Team Service.
  • Our employees are full-time, dedicated, security experts who each have on average over 200 hours of extensive training.

Free Switch-over from Other Security Providers

Do you have an Alarm System installed or monitored by another Alarm Provider? If so, don't despair, we offer FREE switch-overs. We can easily and quickly take over the monitoring of any properly installed Alarm System.

Contact us today to arrange a thorough inspection of your existing Alarm System to ensure its full functionality and then switchover for FREE! Remember, if its security “That’s Our Business”!

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