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Armoured Services

Armoured Services

Cayman Armoured Courier Services Ltd. is the leading cash in transit provider in the Cayman Islands.

Our cash in transit services include the collection and delivery of bank deposits, change orders and other assets on either a regularly scheduled or as needed basis.

We also work with our international colleagues, arranging and transporting valuables in and out of the Cayman Islands.

This service provides our clients with the security of knowing that their employees and assets are safe.

Our fleet consists of seven armoured trucks with a staff compliment of eleven professional Security Officers.

All services performed by the Company are insured so our clients can be confident that their assets are protected.

Should you be interested in using the services of Cayman Armoured, please contact us at:

Phone: +1 (345) 949-6682

Fax: +1 (345) 946-1660

Email: officemanager@cayman-armoured.info

For operational related inquiries, please contact opsmanager@cayman-armoured.info .

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