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Integrated Security & Life Safety

Integrated Security & Life Safety

Island Electronics (Security & Monitoring) Ltd delivers integrated solutions required to meet today’s evolving security marketplace. Our system designers integrate different types of security and life safety systems into one unified platform. These integrated systems enhance our client’s functionality and ease of operation.

Our highly skilled personnel have experience working with hundreds of products. These range from high-end access control systems to basic intrusion detection components. This enables our highly skilled personnel to tailor a system to meet the unique needs of every customer. We design systems that utilize the most from the buildings existing infrastructure and match this with the current proven technologies. We provide security solutions that are flexible and scalable. Our installations projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Following are some of the security and life safety systems we work with which forms part of an integrated system:


Our security solutions are scalable to meet the needs of a small company with five employees to a multi-site company with thousands of users. These state-of-the-art intruder alarm systems are able to adapt as technology changes to protect from obsolescence. Only the best of breed non-proprietary components and open software platforms are used. The design of each security system is carefully designed to utilize the most from the existing IT infrastructure. This approach to designing flexible security systems enables budget friendly solutions that are scalable. These reliable systems are used for a wide variety of applications, from mixed-use commercial office complexes to high-risk facilities.

Our new intrusion systems can enable event notifications to be sent direct to mobile phones. This can keep you up to date on the status of your facility even when you are not there. Other modern features include being able to remotely manage the security system.

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The access control system is the foundation of a reliable security system. This is the first level to manage access and to prevent unauthorized entry to the different areas inside your facility. Our highly skilled personnel designs systems that are scalable. They can serve a small company of five employees or they can serve a multi-location company with over a hundred thousand employees.

We know how the needs of a business can change in time and that there may be a need to add other features. Our staff knows how to ask the right questions to design the most cost effective and long-term reliable solutions. The core strength with our access system installation is our ability to design and install highly complex solutions.

Our solutions are state-of-the-art and are designed to provide maximum ROI. We carefully consider ways to utilize the existing infrastructure and match this with the current proven technologies. We will customize an access control solution that protects employees, property, and fits within the budget.

Integrated Security & Life Safety


Our highly skilled personnel provides high-end CCTV video surveillance systems that provide the most cost effective and long-term reliable solutions. The design of each CCTV video surveillance system is carefully designed to utilize the most from the existing IT infrastructure and to match this with current proven technologies.

The key differentiator of our skilled video technicians is our ability to design and install highly complex solutions. Our CCTV video surveillance solutions are state-of-the-art. From IP cameras to hybrid systems with analog cameras, we will customize a CCTV video surveillance solution that protects the business, is scalable and fits within the budget.

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New opportunities have developed with video and access control technology over the last few years to provide solutions to improve business efficiencies and profitability. Captured video can be analyzed to better understand customer preferences. The information gathered can help to discover better ways to serve customers and increase sales.

Video and access control systems can be combined to provide even better tracking of employees and to help analyze operations. Our business intelligence solutions are an effective way to analyze day-to-day operations. This quantifiable data can be used to improve business efficiencies and to create sustainable processes for success.

Business Intelligence


Improve patient satisfaction and employee efficiencies. Our systems are designed to reliably speed up staff response times. We install nurse call solutions that are cost-effective, scalable and state-of-the-art.

We provide on-going customer training and system updates to ensure these nurse call systems are operating as designed. This helps to maximize system operation. Call us for a no-obligation assessment of your facility. Our service technicians will provide recommendations for your facility that follow the strict national, state and local requirements.

Call System


Let us help your company create a long-term solution to improve your business operational processes. New developments with technology have made it possible to measure daily business processes and this has made it possible to determine better ways to be more efficient.

We understand that every business is different and has different needs. Our unique Managed Services are designed to fit the company needs for today and are scalable for tomorrow. Our staff is trained to know how to ask the right questions to determine the specific needs for each company and the required milestones. We will identify the best methods that will bring reliable results for on-going operational success.

Our Managed Services will create a specifications document that will clearly explain the specific functional requirements that will be met with the software application created. Our design process gives consideration to all the capability of the overall infrastructure and interfaces. Our software solutions are easily installed on your Intranet. Call us for a no-obligation assessment of your business.

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