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Commercial Security

Guard Service

Security Guards and Patrols

IEL has significant experience with managing IEL Alarm Response Team and static guard services across Grand Cayman. IEL manned services (Guards and patrols) have been providing a wide range of security manpower services to our customers. IEL Guards behaviour will always be appropriate.

Mobile Patrol Services

Mobile patrol services include such duties as alarm response and property checks (both commercial & residential), staff escort series including after-hours let in/out services, premises opening and closing services and security deliver services. 

Random Patrol Services 

Ad-hoc or as required random patrols to suit short-term security issues can be arranged. 

Permanent Patrol Services

Patrol officers, on each patrol, conduct a full external check of all the buildings, including all external doors, windows and roller shutters. Patrol officers to visually inspect the ‘yard’ and common areas.

Concierge Guards

Meet and great visitor – Concierge Guards can be the first point of contact for visitors. Concierge guards play an integral part in the emergency and evacuation procedures for the site and have a working knowledge of any fire control panels, procedures and other early warning alarm systems. Our guards are polite, courteous and helpful but can and will be insistent when necessary.

Static or Rover Guards

The “Rover guard” to provide random patrols continuously throughout the customer site. The guards to act as a visual deterrent to ensure the security of the premises.

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