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Commercial Security

Emergency Response Team Service

Commercial Alarm Response Services

We offer Emergency Response Service for CI$25 per month. This fee is separate from our Security Monitoring Fee. When you choose our Emergency Response Team service, if there is an incident at your home, we will quickly dispatch one of our Team members.

We have highly trained security officers who are experts in the fields of Manned Guard and Alarm Response Patrol. Our Response Team members continually receive training and assessment in the constantly changing areas of modern day tactics and counter tactics.

Our Emergency Response Team usually arrive within minutes after we receive an incident signal in our Central Monitoring Station. Upon their arrival to the site, they will conduct a search of the perimeter of the building to determine the cause of the alarm. If an actual break-in has occurred, the Response Agent will assist the Police and owner/operator to secure the business.

When you don't elect for the Emergency Response Service, if there is an incident at your business and we cannot reach you, then the Police are called. They will respond to your Emergency according to their priority. Which means they will get to your premises as soon as they can. Any delays in their arrival could prove costly!

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