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Radio & Trunking

Radio & Trunking

Serving Radio Communication Industry in the Cayman Islands for Over 30 years


Reception Metropol
Tourism & Hospitality

Fast response equals customer satisfication. The flexibility to handle a guest’s concern, involving different departments simultaneously, leads to immediate action and fast resolution.

Security Guard
Private security

In order for personnel to do their jobs well, they require communication tools they can depend on. The innovative and reliable IEL private security solution bundles the power to protect.


IEL knows that effective fleet management means communicating quickly and clearly. Our transportation solution bundles will keep you in touch and on the road.


Constant communication between team members is key to keep a complex project running smoothly. In an environment where one false step can jeopardize a project, our wide range of radios are your most important tools.



Two Way Radio
Two way radio

Reliable, Flexible and Powerful. Invest in the most effective form of communication that keeps going: a two-way portable Radio from Island Electronics Ltd.


Make the ‘Smart Choice’ and invest in Two-Way, Portable Radios that provide reliable, flexible and powerful island wide coverage.


IEL knows that effective communications means communicating quickly and clearly. IEL radio bundles will keep you in touch and on the road.

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