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CCTV Surveillance

The Importance of CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems

In a workplace environment, numerous benefits come with the ability to monitor and record your workplace activity. Professionally installed CCTV surveillance cameras enable you to monitor customers, employees, and suppliers onsite or remotely. They also provide a deterrent to theft, lawsuits, harassment, loss, and more.

Benefits and Features of CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems

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  • Video recorders capture and provide the retrieval of archived video data;
  • Visual provides theft deterrence against hold-ups, inventory shrinkage, and property crimes;
  • System integrates with intrusion and hold-up buttons for event-triggered recording;
  • High-resolution cameras provide verification of employee transactions;
  • Low-light cameras enhance night vision;
  • Interactive dome cameras provide pan/tilt positioning and 360° rotation;
  • Control of entries and exits can be maintained by combining video surveillance with central guard station monitors.
Video Recording (NVR)

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  • Single channel or multi-camera recording;
  • Image search by specific time or event;
  • Programmable resolution and storage duration;
  • Optional Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity;
  • Digital quality for sharp, clear images;
  • Quickly locate and play back events;                                                                              
  • Network connection provides multiple location viewing.                                            
  • Future-Proof Surveillance - With three software license versions to choose from, we have a solution for every stage on the migration path from analog CCTV to intelligent IP video. 

  • Open IP Video Management - Software installs on standard IT hardware, supports hundreds of camera models, provides a feature-rich, easy-to-use interface, and has a full Application Programming Interface (API) that makes integration with third-party systems, such as access control, easy.

  • Proven Video Analytics - Analyzing video data in real-time and providing organizations with intelligent information at their fingertips. Wrong Directions, Loitering, Left or remove object, Object classification, People and Vehicle Counting, Pan Tilt Zoom ("PTZ") Auto Tracking, and Traffic Flow.

  • Security & Beyond - With advanced video search tools, and a comprehensive selection of on-demand reports, organizations use our IP Video Systems for business intelligence in addition to security surveillance, helping them to better plan business requirements, improve operations, and increase Return On Investment.

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