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Commercial Security

Access Control

Commercial Access Control

Employee safety, internal and external losses, and employee turnover are common security challenges that local businesses face. To help you maintain a higher level of security, Island Electronics (Security & Monitoring) Ltd offers a comprehensive product line of security access control systems, ranging from small, single door applications, to multi-site, campus-style systems.

Whatever your access control needs may be, we can customize, install, and maintain it! We are also specialized in integrating systems, so we can integrate your CCTV, intruders alarm and access control system into one platform. This makes management for end users amazingly simple!

Commercial Access Control Benefits

  • Program times and areas for authorized access.
  • Eliminate the need to re-key your building(s) due to turnover.
  • Control access to sensitive or high-risk areas.
  • Disarm intrusion detection sensors during entry to eliminate false alarms.
  • Decrease security threats by restricting walk-ins.
  • Add and delete employees quickly and easily.
  • 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and Warranty on Materials and Labour.

Features & Options

  • Online system management.
  • Maintain employee profiles in database.
  • Interactive information and activity reports of user traffic/movement throughout the building.
  • Vandal-resistant readers with PIN code option.
  • Elevator access control.
  • System expansion.
  • Real-time monitoring.
  • System user records.
  • Receive email alerts.

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