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CCTV Surveillance

The Importance of CCTV Surveillance Camera System

There are numerous benefits that come with the ability to monitor and record what kind of activities are happening in your home. Professionally installed CCTV surveillance security cameras from IEL enable you to monitor your home, your vehicles and boats, and most importantly, your loved ones. All of this can be done onsite, or remotely. CCTV surveillance cameras also provide a deterrent to theft and many other undesirable activities that can take place when you are not at home.

Benefits and Features of CCTV Surveillance Camera System

  • Video recorders capture and provide the retrieval of archived video data;
  • Visual provides theft deterrence against robberies and other property crimes;
  • High-resolution cameras make it much easier to make positive identifications;
  • Low-light cameras enhance night vision;
  • Interactive dome cameras provide pan/tilt positioning and 360° rotation.

IP CCTV Packages

At IEL, we have a number of IP CCTV packages to choose from, including our 4 camera package. This package comes with 4 X 2 Megapixel cameras and 1 Network Video Recorder.

View and manage your system remotely via Smartphone or Tablet.

Satisfaction Guarantee and Warranty

Video Recorder (NVR)

Single channel or multi-camera recording;

Image search by specific time or event;

Programmable resolution and storage duration;

Optional Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity;

Digital quality for sharp, clear images;

Quickly locate and play back events;

Network connection provides multiple location viewing.

CCTV Surveillance Camera System



We can also customize a system for you, based on the unique security requirements of your home.







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